Website Name Isn’t Showing in Search But Articles Showing Up

You want people to find your website when they search for its name on Google or other search engines, right? But sometimes, that doesn’t happen. Even if your articles show up in the search results, your website name might be missing. Why is that? Well, there could be a few reasons for this.

New Website

If you just made your website recently, possibly the reason why your website name isn’t showing in search results. don’t worry too much. It takes some time for search engines to notice and remember your website. It’s like when you move to a new place and you have to introduce yourself to your neighbors and make friends. It doesn’t happen overnight, right? It can take weeks or even months for your website to get more popular in the search results.

Website Indexing

You need to tell search engines what your website is about and how to find it. You can do this by sending them a map of your website, called a sitemap. This helps search engines find and read your pages better. You can use some tools (like Google Search Console) to send your sitemap to search engines.

Website Structure

2 women looking at lapton

You also need to make sure your website is easy to understand and navigate for both people and search engines. You can do this by organizing your pages in a clear way and linking them together. You also need to use good titles, headings, and descriptions for your pages, so search engines know what they are about and how relevant they are.


Sometimes, your website name might be too common or similar to other websites that are already popular. For example, if your website name is “Best Pizza”, you might have a hard time ranking higher than other websites with the same name or topic. To make your website noticeable and distinct, you should focus on improving it and adding unique elements. By doing so, your website will stand out among others and catch people’s attention. You can do this by using some techniques called search engine optimization (SEO).

Branding and Promotion

You also need to let people know about your website and why they should visit it. You can do this by sharing your website on social media, getting other websites to link to yours, and creating more content that people want to read and share. Building a strong reputation and popularity for your website is important. It helps search engines recognize its value and rank it higher in search results. In simpler terms, when your website becomes well-known and respected, search engines will consider it more relevant and place it higher in their rankings.

Remember that search engines are always changing and improving their ways of finding and ranking websites, so you need to keep working on your website and making it better. If you still have trouble getting your website name to show up in the search results, you might want to get some help from an SEO expert who can give you more advice for your specific situation. 

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